pregnancy | nursery inspiration

i'm so sick of this whole "blue for boys, pink for girls" thing. i'm even a little sick of "yellow and green for neutral." one might think this would encourage me to use All The Colours in my son's* room but instead i'm taking it back to the shades. there will be pops of something...maybe yellow or turquoise or mint but i don't know yet.

oh, and in all of these pretty nursery examples, take out the big beautiful window and main natural light source because our second bedroom is just a box - no windows or closets. note: i put the last picture in to represent the art on the walls. we already have over twenty-five pieces saved up that we want to frame and hang in the nursery. it's literally going to take up a full wall!

*ahh! that is the first time the whole "son" thing really clicked for me!! i'm glad you could all be a part of it.


  1. Ohmygosh, your last sentence made me melt. I love knowing there's another blogger out there with stacks of art to hang. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in my 20's with a house brimming full of art..instead of all of the other *useful grownup* things I should buy, like real cutlery and linens.

    I digress.

    Yes! Down with gendered colours! I'm a big fan of All The Colours and I can't wait for the day when children's toymakers and clothing brands catch up :)

    1. i'm so thrilled to hear that you collect art too. i also feel like the only person in my 20's that does so. it's part of my career so i'm always surrounded by it. but i love it so much and surrounding myself with it makes me happy! i'm happy to rotate seasonally when i run out of wall space :)


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