pregnancy 0.4

so back when this little schmoolet* was the size of a raspberry, i started a pin board (in case you're curious, we're at avocado now). it was secret then of course, but now i've made it public. there's this whole world of baby items that don't fall into the classic cutesie, colourful, plastic, 'toys r us' category did you know that? i didn't. is it wrong to want to have a baby in style? to make a baby stylish and modern? people will tell me i'll toss all this out the window the first time i have to scrub god knows what from a white onesie - but a gal can dream can't she?

when it comes to nursery stuff and baby clothes and toys...aren't i the one who has to look at these things all the time? okay okay, the schmoolet will have eyes too...but not likely as discerning as mine! of course the items above are mostly dreams...just ideas. most of these things are too expensive or too unattainable (read: can only be purchased in france/sweden etc and i won't be jet-setting there anytime soon!). but it's a place to start, and a fantasy that makes me happy in these interim months.**

* schmoolet: noun. a suffix of "schmoo" which is a nickname my husband has called me for five + years (truly, i haven't heard him say my real name in that long!). thusly a miniature schmoo is a schmoolet.
**did anyone notice i wrote this below the photos? that's different for me! but deep down we all know the words are more important right?

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  1. I always thought it was funny comparing babies to fruit :) I had the iphone ap that would tell me which fruit she was week to week. I'm with you- I am not a fan of the over the top cutesy or my daughter is 15 months and I dread the whole princess/leapard and shiny fabric theme. I love all the items especially that major adorbs bunny footy pjs :)


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