musings | when is too much too much?

yesterday i had the day off. sort of. just one day off this week and so in the days leading up to it i started to fantasize about how i would spend it. i decided it would be a "just me" day downtown. i had planned to wander through the galleries, linger at the library and maybe even go for a kayak in the inner harbour.

but as the day off moved closer, i started to add in a task here and there in order to feel more productive. and before i knew it, my whole day was full of errands. so i ended up taking etsy orders to the post office, delivering some gifts, organizing a newspaper ad, cashing my pay depositing festival cheques...
and the strange thing is that i think i did it on purpose! i think i like to be busy and to feel productive. at what cost? well it's hard to tell until i become so overwhelmed i have some sort of breakdown.

so my question is when does too much become too much to handle? for me it's very much about the festival. i keep telling myself, after the festival, i'll relax. after the festival, i'll eat better. after the festival i'll sleep more. after after after...but knowing me, after the festival i'll become bored and just fill my time with something else.

what are your secrets for relaxing? for minimizing your workload, for saying no to new projects and refraining from multi-tasking?

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  1. I'll be keeping an eye on this because I have the same problem. I really struggle running 2 shops, a blog, writing my book, generally crafting, finding time to play games, ALL while looking after my mum. And if that wasn't enough, a month and a half ago I decided to increase the workload further by starting a new blog about games.

    But I think what you have to do is take a step back. Evaluate a few things: will your business suffer if you take a week away from thinking about it? If you delay posting orders (as long as you notify people, of course)? If you segment your day and assign different time periods to different things then it might be a little easier. I need to do this for myself because it's becoming impossible now. I used to have so much to do that I would have to neglect one thing - now it's increased to neglecting TWO.

    Hopefully, after the festival, you WILL chill and find time to relax. Unfortunately I'm sure I have no advice you've not already thought of.


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