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this post is not going to be deep, or insightful. i mean, it's titled "coffee" for goodness sakes! okay, confession time: i don't like coffee. i want to like it, i really really do, but i just don't. and for me, that's often a bit of a problem.

coffee is more than just a drink. it's an invitation, a sense of comfort, camaraderie and friendship. it's a new beginning and sometimes an end. it brings people together, and lends itself to habit and routine.

but i would rather just have a bottle of water or a glass of grape juice (truly, the world needs more grape juice). and before you suggest it, i don't really like tea either. i mean, it's fine, i'll drink a cup of classic orange pekoe with lots of milk and sugar - but it doesn't do much for me.

the thing is, "do you want to meet for coffee" is probably the next most common cliche saying after "how's about this weather!?" one time i had a work meeting with someone i hadn't yet met in person. so we met at a coffee shop and in order to refrain from feeling awkward and fidgety, i knew i had to order something. on the menu they had 20 different coffee types and two teas. i ordered a tea and my goodness - it was so disgusting! but of course i didn't want to be rude or weird and so i had to keep sipping at it and trying not to cringe each time.

and i totally feel like i'm lying when i say "let's go for coffee" and then we get there and i don't have a coffee. but saying something else like "want to meet for hot chocolate" seems so random, juvenile and downright distracting. or on the other side of the coin, if i invite a friend for coffee, just as another way of asking her to hang out, she'll know i don't drink it and immediately ask "do you like coffee now??" and then we have to have a whole Conversation about it.

geez louise! i wonder if this is how people in england feel who don't like tea.


  1. First of all aawwhhh, but I think the phrase "going for a coffee" doesn't necessary has to mean literally drinking coffee. For me it doesn't any way. So if the other person wants a water or juice that is fine by me.

  2. you could always ask if they want to meet for a hot beverage (although that limits you to hot chocolate or cider rather than juice, lol!)

  3. i'm so glad you said this. i don't like coffee much either, but i drink it because i need to. But i totally agree:

    "do you want to meet for coffee" is probably the next most common cliche saying after "how's about this weather!?"

    i'd much rather meet for a drink. Or maybe one day we can meet for white grape juice.. MMMMMMM!!!! (ps. i put that in our fondue a while back when you and j were over - maybe that's why you liked the swiss cheese? haha). xo.


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