snail mail | paris, postage and a surprise!

these two incoming pieces of mail are very special. it's clear by looking at them just how much time the writers spent decorating the envelopes. the first is a package inspired by my friend shawna's recent trip to paris. she collected and collaged images of paintings that can be found in france. she also included for me a set of vintage european postage!

this second piece was a total surprise because i didn't find it till weeks later. i was sorting through some papers on my desk and voila! this random, brightly coloured letter from someone named ashley popped up! i have no idea how i missed it when i brought in the mail but i sure had fun opening and going through it!

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  1. while I'm sad that you're moving away I can't wait to get some mail from you in my mailbox!! That's me assuming you'll have time to send mail with the move and a bun in the oven, but I know you'll make time for me ;)


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