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well here it is...the post i've been waiting...to post! for the past month i've been planning my friend anne-marie's bridal shower. you can see my paper cut invitations here, which were quite well received. now that the shower has occured, i can share with you all of the lovely details that went into the day. anne-marie's mother did the cooking (so much food!) but i covered baking and decor. i'll include a little tidbit below each image with details about how to make the same item. this is going to be picture heavy!

goody bags:

triangular bipyramids. i saw this idea on mr. printable's blog and although these little guys can be used for absolutely anything, i chose to put little candies inside after stamping the strips of paper. you can close them with glue (or nothing) but i used a bit of washi tape. i also made this necklace later.

these are beige versions of the single stationery sets in my shop.

at the create curate blogger event we were given a bar of saltspring soap. i liked it so much i bought some more bars and cut them into ten pieces each, and then wrapped it in stamped kraft paper.

 i included a little orchid sticker cause they are so pretty!

i used a friend's die cut machine to press out little paper buttons. so cute!

the finished goody bags, all lined up and ready to go! the yellow polka dot bags are from whisker graphics.


i made these pinwheel accordions by slicing 8.5x11 sheets of papers in various formations and then folded them consistently by half inches. i glued two or three of them together but had to hold it for a while after the final glue because they have a tendency to spring right up! the doilies were the perfect feminine accent.

i looked at these hanging tissue paper pom poms online from various sellers. i knew that i wanted them in the centre of the room but i was pressed for time and if you want a lot of them...the cost adds up! then i realized that i could just make them myself! and boy was it easy. i used this martha stewart tutorial.

i was inspired by this oh happy day birthday surprise idea and thought it would work well as a "wall of well wishes." read the little card to see how it worked!

my dessert table with the bunting i made at create curate.

i made pretty little cupcake  holders. totally pointless but they sure look nice! and of course, the...croquembouche. which doesn't look as good as my inspiration ...but it was still a hit. i used timbits, toothpicks and a styrofoam cone. the ribbons were the perfect finishing touch. oh, you don't know what timbits are? then you mustn't be canadian!

this pink ombre cake was my pride and joy. i mixed the food colouring into the deepest pink level first. that ensured that i could go lighter and lighter with each level. i'm so pleased with how this turned out, though i don't know if it tasted any good! check out this pic of the food dye being mixed in!

above are photos of the beautiful flowers and the final decor in the room. cheers!


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