patience made | mr. yen inspired bridal shower invites

my best friend anne-marie is getting married in august. and i'm planning her bridal shower so obviously i wanted to do something special with the invitations. i racked my brain trying to think of ideas because i wanted to send something that could act as a little piece of art. the type of thing that people might hesitate to throw out. i've been pretty obsessed with looking at papercuts lately - especially those of mr. yen. when i found this tutorial of his i knew what i was going to do. i think he used the typography classic "Aa" because it's the beginning of the alphabet - but you can see how it worked flawlessly in this situation. mr. yen...my fingers hurt but a big thank-you all the same for allowing us use of this beautiful template.

here are images of my process:

so that's how the invites looked but then the one i sent to the bride included a frame and was wrapped as you see below (with the cuts offs as packing materials!)

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