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at the beginning of any meeting, project or school year, i always have the neatest intentions for note taking. i pick out note books with dividers, and assign certain pens and highlighters various tasks (titling, underlining, highlighting etc). sometimes i even take notes on my computer for easy rearranging.

but here is something that took me 20 years to be able to admit (truly, this came to me just last week!! though i think i've known it all along). neatness does not help me remember. 

in fact, i can only visualize my notes if they are written quickly and obscurely across a page. so no matter how much i want to break things down into sections, or title them or make perfectly complete lists...it  doesn't matter! i'm super organized but despite that, this how my notes look:

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  1. I will never get over how beautiful your writing is


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