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as spring fades and summer creeps in, it seemed to me a perfect time to share works from monica ramos' "a hot summer" series. now, if you know me, you'll know that i love a good modern watercolour (essentially this means anything that doesn't look like a boring landscape scene from the nineteenth century). monica's artwork was recently featured in kate singleton's buy some damn art, and some of these paintings are still available!

i'm kind of in the middle of a super busy week, and these scenes of lazy summer days are the perfect motivation (i have a mini vacation planned for later this month!) ramos' images are a cross between metaphor and whimsy - women bathing in waffles, finding shade under lily pads and frying eggs on sidewalks. in the image below, i don't know whether to cringe or commend this young woman for her dedicated to the melting popsicle...

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