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so here's the thing...after nine months of working at the papery, i've become a bit of a stationery snob. i like to see things that are unique and creative! it's hard to see the same things in every store when i know how many talented handmade artists are out there. but sometimes things become popular because they are so unique and creative that everyone loves it!

rifle paper co. is a huge stationery company. you can reference this list to discover just how many stores it is sold in. when i was on my west coast road trip (i.e. my one week stationery haul) i bought at least four different rifle paper co. products! (many of which can be seen below) but earlier today i read an mini interview with anna bond (the creator) in frankie and i was tickled by her. we share many of the same thoughts about stationery and note cards.

when asked "how do you walk the line between a cheesy hallmark greeting and being memorable?" bond responded "all of our cards are blank on the inside. there's never a cheesy poem or something to just sign your name under. i love that, because i think a personal note from the sender is always the best way."

i couldn't agree more!

here are some of my favourite picks:


  1. I loveeee rifle paper co. I just ordered one of their phone cases.. SO excited that I can cary around some of their lovely stationary designs on my phone all day :)

  2. I love the telegram style card!

    xx Kaisa


  3. I love Rifle Paper Co.- I would love to buy pretty much everything they sell!

    star-crossed smile


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