art vs. art | aimee van drimmelen vs. leah giberson

i recently saw these pieces by leah giberson on lisa congdon's blog and immediately thought of illustrations by aimee van drimmelen.

aimee's simple watercolour renditions of lawn chairs remind me of summer parties. the chairs laid out, waiting for sitters, and then later half-heartedly packed up. the colours look tasty too - the yellow bleeding through orange into red makes me salivate for an icy summer treat.

leah's chairs give me the feeling that the sitter has left their seat only momentarily. perhaps they popped up for a quick dip in the pool, or to pull something off the barbecue.

all of them remind me of the lawn chairs from my youth, some in my nana's backyard, some outside hotel rooms near the beach. but which representation do i like better? (this is tough!!). but if you were to force me to choose - i would want to hang aimee's work on my walls.*

aimee van drimmelen

leah giberson

* and soon i will! i was lucky enough to stop by an aimee van drimmelen "sketchbook sale." i picked up some beautiful pieces including this bear.

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