snail mail | two from france!

in the past few weeks i've received some really lovely washi tape mail! the first is from riley, my australian pen pal in the states. i love this "bright idea" text she found. at least i think she found it...if she drew it than my mine is officially blown! lol. the second piece is from my good friend kristy, who incidentally is in town. which is perfect because although her letter was full of lovely compliments about myself, there was no info about her life!

finally, i received a number of postcards - one from toronto and...get this, two from france!


  1. Oh, so much lovely snail-mail! Snail-mail is the best! I just blogged about my postcard "collection" last night. :)

    xx Kaisa


  2. I'm so glad you like it!! :)
    I can't wait for your reply!! :)

  3. ...and then you got stuck having dinner with me and listened to me talk talk talk about myself for like, 5 hours. bet you're regretting asking now, aren't you? ;)


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