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this is a post about hotels - specifically hotels with a lack of personality. and let me tell you - there are sooo many.

my husband likes to stay in hotels that he's heard of. i call them "cookie cutters," he calls them "holiday inn," "marriot" and "best western." their names don't matter much to me because they all look the same. they are boring, beige and inevitably have an ice machine in the hallway (what do people do with all the ice??). and above all, the artwork hanging on the walls is one big blur of blah.

i like hotels with personality. sometimes this means they are smaller, don't have parking, and are lacking in the ice machine department. but that's okay, because i appreciate when they they woo me with their charm. when they take the time to add colour, unique decor and beautiful artwork (insert brilliant idea here: if hotels supported local artists by putting their paintings in each suite...imagine how special all the artists would feel! and it would be a grand improvement on the prints of flowers in vases and farm houses in fields). below are a few photos of what i'm talking about. the first depict hotel max in seattle - tiny, but with huge POPS of personality.

and as i write this from the moda hotel in vancouver...i want you to know that i am in the heart of the city (steps from yaletown and a short walk to granville island). there is a king size bed, beautiful artwork, a rainfall style shower and so much more. parking included, it cost us ninety-seven dollars.

i'm just saying...it can be done.

hotel max


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  1. i love love LOVE that we've staying the same hotel in Seattle without arranging it. Had I realized you were going before hand I would have recommended the most incredible Burlesque venue there. They make good food too.

    p.s. we have very similar hotel tastes. i hate staying in generic chain hotels. you absolutely CAN find boutique hotels for about the same price.


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