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this is a post that is going to be chock full of dale chihuly artworks. 

so, my husband and i pulled into seattle in mid afternoon on a sunday. i spent a few minutes in the hotel  researching the local public galleries. and guess what? they were all closed during our visit! (whatever happened to sunday being the day where everything was closed? but that's a post for another day) and why are they all closed on mondays? can't they take turns so that i can go to at least one?

but alas! the chihuly gardens and glass was open till eight pm! all was not lost. after some serious time spent getting lost near the seattle center, we finally found our destination. and in front of the gallery were messages written in chalk. they said things like "artists against chihuly" and "do not go in here!" that was slightly unsettling but my thoughts process went something like "well...why not? where are these artists who don't want me going in here? can somebody give me a pamphlet on the subject? no? okay, well, maybe if you were here right now/didn't close all major public galleries during my visit..." i mean, i probably care about artists more than anyone - but even i need more than a mysterious chalk message. 

so we went in. and let me say (though it will be a grand understatement)...it was transcendental. i have never enjoyed a gallery quite so much as this one. chihuly knows how to put on a show that's for sure! the ambience of the rooms was dark, with a distinct lighting focus on the beautiful glass. they played music lightly from above and the didactics did not use "art speak" so i felt encouraged to read each and every one. 

below are my pictures of the exhibits and i highly recommend you check out this museum if you are ever in seattle! (plus there is a connected restaurant called "collections cafe" which features all of chihuly's crazy collections! see my instagram for photos)

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