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this weekend i wrote a letter to a friend. the gist of it was this: now that the weather in victoria has warmed i keep getting glimpses of a feeling. just tiny little moments where i feel this particular emotion, and then *poof* it's gone.

it's that feeling where you're standing outside in the bright sunshine and you hear music. maybe it's a song playing in someone's backyard, perhaps it's on the radio in a car driving by, or your ipod just shuffled and suddenly you hear it. it's a song from when you were younger. a song people played in the summer, at concerts or cottage or bbq's. it feels exciting and playful and just a little bit edgy. maybe it's "come on eileen," "it's a living thing," "don't hold back" or even "chest fever.*" and the breeze is soft and warm on your face and for a moment you feel like anything is possible because it's summer now and everything is good. 

but also you feel a little bit sad and kind of nostalgic for all of the summers gone by. and you think that maybe you didn't enjoy that time quite as much as you should have. but how could you have known that you should? how could you have known that you would be feeling this way right now?? you couldn't have, not really. and then you have a brainwave and you promise yourself that you'll live right in this moment, right now

but then just like that the song is gone, or the breeze shifts. the bus you were waiting for arrives and that split-second feeling that you had is gone. your mind starts remembering all of the things you have to do later and you forget. so quickly you forget to enjoy the right now

* you know chest fever right? maybe you think you don't, but trust me you do. click it. click it and listen! that is the epitome of classic summer songs. no, it's not from our generation perse, but it just feels like summer. it's not about the lyrics though, just the melody. wait for the chorus beat...trust me on this one.

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  1. ...i totally got your letter. and what you were saying. i thought i was the only one who felt that way.

    also, i've never heard this song. ever.


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