art | andrea burgay

can i just say...some art forms are a total mystery to me. painting...i get it. installation art...surprisingly i get it! sculpture....well i couldn't do it but i've studied the various types of it and i get it. and when i say "get it" what i mean is that i understand how the works are created. how they come together into something beautiful. but collage? i don't get it! how can someone take scraps of paper and mixed media and mash it together in such a way that they come up with these stunning images?? it blows my mind. maybe that's why i'm notorious for loving mixed media paintings with bits of collage - because there is a sense of mystery!

the works below are by andrea burgay. burgay also does installation and sculpture. despite the immense differences in these three mediums...her entire collection of work is undoubtedly her. it's fascinating to me how her three dimensional works can look so much like her two dimensional. "whimsical" and "slightly disturbing" seem to be appropriate words to describe it...but i'll let you check it out for yourself!


  1. In the corn...at her site...was my favorite...
    Thx for coming by...

  2. Really like her work, and the way she breaks the traditional limits of canvas/wall. Thanks kaitlyn, you always manage to find new and intriguing art.


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