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whenever i've received a letter from rin dawson of papered thoughts, i am touched by all of her... personal touches! i've shared rin's mail art with you before, but now i want to feature her shop. rin creates mail goodies using her own unique designs and hand drawn fonts. most items can be found in bright neon colours and are sure to give your mail a POP and put a smile on the face of your receiver. i wanted to include one of the feedback reviews that i read about her shop because it so perfectly describes what an interaction with rin and her goodies is like:

"oh my, i don't know where to begin with this. i've been eyeing these forever since i saw them on rin's blog - but since i live in canada and the shipping can be pricey i put it off - until i needed a treat! when i received these in the mail i actually gasped - the mail-art, along with the free goodies and the actual product, is superb and exactly what an etsy purchase should be! thanks so much! xxo"

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  1. This stationery is very cool, I love it!


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