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today's guest (last but not least!!) is rin dawson from papered thoughts. it took me about an hour to upload this post simply because i got so caught up in studying all the details of each envelope below. rin is the best mail artist i know. she's creates a neat chaos - something i am always aspiring to!

hello hello hello! i am rin from over at papered thoughts - i was super stoked that kaitlyn asked me to guest blog her monday "snail mail" post! i've decided to share a few of my many favourite envelopes i've sent / received. here goes nothing.. 

there is just something about that old fashioned red & blue that makes my heart skip a beat.. 

Is there anything better than a burst of colour delivered right to your mail box?

a hand-drawn envelope just for me! tou are too sweet!

ephemera refers to things that exist, or are used and enjoyed for only a short time.. they may not have been made to last the ages, bu they do make the prettiest envelopes i ever did see.

okay lovelies! well i hope i've inspired you a little bit - go get some stamps & send some pretty mail!


  1. What a gorgeous collection! I adore posts filled with mail art! I wish I'd receive some pretty mail like this once in a while!

    These mail pieces are always so inspiring, so I put a lot of effort in when I mail out to my penpal in Malaysia ^^

  2. I have never seen anything like this before. I really want to get some mail like that. I really want to send some mail like that. Thanks for sharing this post. I am really inspired!

    Rosie x
    (I'm a new GFC follower!)

  3. I love Rin's creativity. She inspires me to be a better pen pal!

    x Jasmine

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  5. What a brilliant idea with the newspaper envelope.


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