art vs. art | larisa illieva vs. ben westrgreen

i have found the perfect art vs. art for you today! larisa illieva versus ben westergreen.
larisa is from paris, france and uses a collage like effect and a smattering of colours to create her final abstract works. ben westergreen, whom i met while working at the victoria emerging art gallery has a collection born of his history with graffiti. both artists show imagery and colours as they crash into each other...but which do you prefer and why?? 

larisa illieva

ben westergreen

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  1. I have to say that it's a tie between Larisa Illieva's second piece and Ben Westergreen 2nd. When it comes to abstract art I can never explain what I like about it. The mess and tangle of colours with, seemingly, no sense, somehow comes together as something beautiful. Westergreen's peice looks like a landscape to me, I have no idea what Illieva's is supposed to be, but it's striking none the less.


thanks for your comment, i love hearing your thoughts!