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for over a year now i have come across the artwork of tamara bond at different intervals. every time i saw it i thought how much i enjoyed it. last week i met my new co-workers for my job at the regional assembly of text - tara, tamara and liz. it was one of those situations where i just didn't put two and two together (or in this case, more like five and five as all the clues were right there!). and then on my third shift after having worked with tamara i looked at the schedule and saw her listed as "TB." and all of a sudden i thought "ooooh! tamara bond!"

in her artwork, tamara "plays" with story telling, repetition and collage. she uses her mixed media images to talk to the viewer about her home, her history and her changing place in the world. she places herself into her work often, and has even created a stamp of her face! i love how her pictures look like little collections and grouping of things, and my favourite is when she plays with perspective and flattens out otherwise three dimensional objects.

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  1. they are so lovely, the second form the bottom is my favourite


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