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the ladies behind the regional assembly of text are stationery geniuses. they are brandy fedoruk and rebecca dolen and they love paper, text and typography. seven years ago, after meeting at emily carr university of art + design, they opened the regional assembly of text in vancouver, canada. at the assembly they sell products of their own design and creation including cards, journals, planners and zines. they also provide lovers of letters with writing utensils, paper, wrap and the use of their forty + typewriters! they have an incredibl eye for detail and charm.

this past weekend they opened up shop in victoria, bc and i am lucky enough to work for them. below are some photographs of the little alcove shop and it's adjacent letter-writing booths (the shop is below a staircase!!).


  1. this looks amazing, i'm so excited for you that you get to work there! i think i'm going to victoria/vancouver this summer so i'll have to check this out!

  2. The perfect place for you to be!
    I liked it when they used to have little art exhibitions in Vancouver. Any chance of that happening in Victoria?

  3. Their shop looks amazing!
    (Oh, and the typewriter furthest to the right in the last photo is my baby--Olivetti Lettera 22!) :)

  4. this is awesome! right up your alley.

  5. This is insanely cool!


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