art | jenny brown

yesterday i was followed on twitter and pinterest by an artist named jenny brown. out of curiosity i clicked into her profile and website and discovered the most beautiful artwork. jenny brown creates unique growths on pastel paper using collage pieces, ink, pencil and gouache paint. her images have an organic quality and present somewhat abstracted versions of flora and sea creatures.
i am in love.

new flowering pod. ink, found collage paper. 8.5x11.

flowering pomegranate. ink, gouache, pencil, found collage paper. 8x11.

pink growth. ink, gouache, collage, pencil & paper. 8.5x11.

sea curiosity # 10. ink, found, collage & paper. 6x8.


  1. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my work!

  3. The last one is really nice!

  4. Isn't Jenny's work fabulous?! I featured her a while back and every time she posts a new piece, I fall more in love. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, too! ;-)


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