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within the next twelve months i hope to own a house. and that's all well and good but what i am excited about most is a studio or craft room. right now, we have a condo which has a small bedroom, an office/den and a walk in closet. i mention these because they are the most obvious storage spaces and i'm not going to be putting my supplies in the bathroom anytime soon. but i've (generously!) given up the office to my husband and all of his (many!) possessions. which leaves me with the walk-in closet. now don't get me wrong - i love it! but it's not enough for all of the arts and crafts i have expanded into + my business stationery products. i want a whole room! is that greedy? i want white, and shelves and drawers and space!!

all of the below images are from etsy featured sellers. i love all of these spaces! (the last two are my favourite). which do you like? do you already have your own craft room?


  1. I love this post. I really need to create a workspace of my on. But I feel like I'm always so mobile. Maybe it will make me stay in one place!

  2. I love touring studios, especially organized ones, which mine never is (sigh). I think there's something inspiring about walking into a space that's filled with cheery art supplies and your own work. So many artists have told me that their work really took off once they got their own dedicated space. When I moved into my studio, the first thing I did was paint everything, the walls and shelves, bright white. And then your work pops out from that background.
    I'm sure your studio will be beautiful, kaitlyn!

  3. Anonymous22.3.13

    I am in a townhouse right now and I feel the exact same way!
    I can not wait to own a home that I can create a space just for me and my things. I know exactly what and how I would want it to be and know exactly what colours I want in this space.
    It is not greedy at all! You should enjoy and have a space to call your own that you can go to and do whatever makes you happy.
    I hope you find the perfect space, you deserve it :)

    xx Des

    1. lol...sounds like you have it all planned out des! i hope you get to have it soon(ish)!

  4. i LOVE the first one!!! i need a big space like that for food photography! ...instead of my tiny 1' by 1' space now.


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