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you know what the best thing about checking my mailbox is? the suspense. the hope. the twinkle of possibility at the end of my day. last year i worked noon to five so i usually checked the mail on the way to work....and that was fine.  but now that i'm working ten to six it's great because after a long day...there's the chance i'll find something awesome in my mailbox!

i'm currently participating in the star crossed smile correspondence club. it's a great idea - nnenna sets you up with a penpal for three months and mails you inspiration at the beginning of each month so that you're not at a loss for what to write. this is especially helpful in the first letter because the other person is a stranger!

this is the piece i received in the mail from my new canadian penpal felicia. i love love love the little postcard gifts she sent me!!


  1. The cards are really nice!

  2. wow that's some awesome mail art and the cards crack me up

  3. Thanks so much for writing about the Correspondence Club Kaitlyn! And the cards that Felicia sent are so awesome!

  4. Anonymous27.2.13

    Great cards :) I'm loving CClub too :)



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