patience made | text message/note acronyms

i am so excited to tell you about my new line of stationery! i call it simply "acronyms" and it consists of messaging short forms. i first dreamt up the idea while reminiscing about sending high school notes across the classroom. remember i wrote about that here? well as i was thinking about those notes, it occurred to me that girls probably didn't handwrite their messages nowadays. why would they when they could simply text each other on their phones? and then i laughed out loud because i realized that the special acronyms my girlfriends and i used "back in the day" - are still used today in technology! my hope is that this stationery appeals to ladies of various generations. maybe the younger gals will get back into the swing of things and write a note to their bestie.

so i picked the best crossovers and made them into stamps. ta da! what do you think and which is your favourite?


  1. I love them all! Really nice phrases/words.

  2. I love the font and notepaper look of TTYL! So cute!

  3. Oh I totally remember passing notes with these abbreviations. WBS is my favorite!


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