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i've been getting a little bored with what i've been reading and who i've been following online. every once in a while i'll come across an incredible blog or receive a follow from a really cool, creative person. and then i am reminded of the amazingness that can be found on the world wide web. and it's a surprise that something so cool can exist! then it occurs to me that i'm reading the same old things online and not feeling as inspired as i could be.

so this is a shoutout to you - what are you reading online? what's your favourite blog? who do you like following on twitter? which creator's facebook page should i "like" and who's etsy shop should i add to my favourites?

help me switch it up!


  1. My favo blog at the moment is this: http://cocogold.blogspot.be/ she is creative!
    On facebook you should check Francisco Lachowski he is really handsome, haha :p.

  2. I really enjoy http://strawberriesandbuttercups.blogspot.ie/
    She does some amazing mail art and cards!

  3. I am LOVING www.caughtonawhim.com - She is adorable and creative!


  4. To be honest, I follow so many that sometimes I just can't keep up! Most of the newly discovered blogs I follow started with Instagram. I would click on the "mailart, washitape, snailmail" hashtags and come across creative people and their links. Next thing I knew, hours went by... ;)

    But one of my absolute favorites is Ishtar's at- http://www.ishtarolivera.com/blog/

  5. favorite blogs: elise joy, the house always wins, a practical wedding, the fresh exchange. all wonderful.

  6. Oh my gosh, I have been going through the same thing lately! Just logged into Bloglovin' to see I have over 300 unread blog posts...you can tell how I'm feeling about a lot of the blogs I'm following at the moment.

  7. thanks soo much for your input everyone!

    @brittany i am loving caught on a whim!


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