universal letter writing week

happy letter writing week!

no seriously, it's a thing.

last year i celebrated in a big way by collaborating with kate of scathingly brilliant. we used her awesome flapper doodle images of woman playing telephone and using typewriters - on my stationery. this year i have something equally as brilliant...if perhaps a little more low key (and obvious!)
lined writing paper! and to encourage you to send a letter to a loved one or friend - i'm bringing back the very successful $1 writing paper sale!

for the duration of universal letter writing week, all writing paper in my shop is half off!

p.s. stay tuned for something new and awesome i'm working on - inspired by letter writing week and my handmade creation for craft it forward! (see last post)


  1. I'm always saying to myself that I need to write more letters - don't know when I have written the last one. Such a shame! Thanks for encouraging me ;)!
    And thanks for your nice words and link on my blog, it means a lot :).


  2. These are so very darling! I do love writing notes and what better on a cute card like this? Ordered up a few just now- can't wait!

  3. Thanks for the link to my article on Universal Letter-Writing Week! I'm thinking that I'd better use the week to get my Christmas thank you's done. :)

  4. I really need to write more letters. Well... any letters really.


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