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hello! hello!

i'm so delighted to share this post with you. for the past month i have been working on a collaboration with the lovely kate gabrielle from scathingly brilliant and flapper doodle

when i first saw kate's illustrations, i was tickled pink (like her hair!). i've always had a bit of a soft spot for the roaring twenties, but it was the quieter side of kate's flapper girls that intrigued me. in particular, "eloise plays telephone" and "ramona types a letter on her typewriter."

in honour of national letter writing week, which takes place from january ninth-fifteenth, kate and i have joined forces to bring you the perfect set of letter writing stationery. or perhaps i should say - eloise and ramona have!

using kate's illustrations and my hand cut envelopes and writing paper, we have created this limited edition line of stationery. the images i described above focus on the connection between female friends using "old fashioned" forms of communication such as "playing telephone" with cups and typewriting a letter. we want to encourage woman and good friends all around the world to take a moment and reconnect by writing a good old fashioned letter!

for the month of january, the flapper doodle stationery will be available in both of our shops - you can purchase all the letter writin' fixings including envelopes, writing paper, envelope seals and journals.

we look forward to hearing your feedback, and hope you will consider our suggestion to reconnect.


  1. How fun are those?! :D Love them!!

  2. I'll have one of each, thanks ;) Love them!

  3. Hiya, I'm your newest follower, Gentri sent me here because I love snail mail and I have to say your blog is so cute! Happy new year! Natasha Louise


  4. They're beautiful!!!


  5. I love Kate's blog and her illustrations! She's so lovely :) This is so exciting that you two did a collaboration... I may have to post this on my blog sometime this week :)

    So excited for both of you... congrats on the excellence! Hope you have a happy new year :)

    Love & Cake,

    PS I boycott store brand because of all the "junk" in it, but I admit, it is ten times tastier than any cake I've ever tried... and store bought frosting, too!

  6. these are just the cutest.

  7. They're so cute! I really like the hot pink envelopes!

  8. I love the pink ones!

  9. love the girl on the typewriter! so cute!

  10. I am so very excited about this collaboration combining two of my favorite shops on etsy! I will definitely be making a purchase soon :)

    star-crossed smile

  11. These are absolutely gorgeous. I'll be ordering some soon... :)

  12. I adore these! Sweet, sweet!


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