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over the holiday i watched a bunch of ted talks. i was beyond delighted when swiss comedian/artist/photographer ursus wehrli began tidying up art during his talk. the fact that i was drawn to this idea of tidying up art was very interesting to me. in general, the things i don't appreciate about fashion, decor and design....i love in art. for example, colour, clutter and asymmetricality* are things that i hate in real life but love to see in artwork. that's one of the reasons i am so drawn to modern and contemporary art. and yet, when wehrli starting decluttering artworks and piling up the resultant pieces based on size and colour...my heart suddenly felt at ease.

what i just said is true...but i feel obligated to note that this is more for comedic value rather than a real proposal (right ursus??). i tried to find some images but couldn't and figured i would just let this hilarious video/swiss man do the talking!

* spell check is insisting that this is not a word but i think it fits perfectly.


  1. that was wonderful!

  2. Thanks for sharing that! :)



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