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this is a love letter. you know how important letters and words are to me, so i don't write love letters to just anyone. but frankie deserves every beautiful adjective i can contrive.

when i was younger i used to read magazines like ym and seventeen. as i got older i delved into more "mature" material such as cosmopolitan and even maxim. i was always an avid reader of fiction novels and yet when it came to my magazine collection i followed the crowd and picked up the same thing as everyone else. i see now that those magazines are cluttered with mindless junk - suggestions for over-priced make up, faaaar too much advertising, "embarrassing moments" and always one shoddy effort at a "real story" somewhere near the back pages.

goodness me there is a lot of quotations/implications in this post so far.

what i'm trying to say that is i have discovered frankie. and therefore i have discovered that magazines can be interesting, inspiring, creative and emotionally touching. they can have unique, beautiful photographs and well written odes to life, love and art. and hey, it doesn't hurt that each issue comes with a beautiful goody (art! calendars! wrapping paper!)

it's heartbreaking really, that frankie is written and printed in australia*, making it difficult to find here in canada (and the states too?). i'm usually two months behind the current issue but find myself immensely excited to read each and every one i can get my hands on. i read slowly and try to make the deliciousness last as long as possible. if i could, and if the shipping was not so disturbingly high, i would purchase as many back issues as i could.

the most difficult part about reading frankie? deciding whether to save each issue in pristine condition...or to cut out all of the beautiful images and patterns and use them for mail art!!

*a special shout-out to my other australian love - yen magazine. it's easier to find so look for it!


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