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o.m.g., i'm totally laughing while writing that title because the idea of "starting at the top" is so ridiculous to me. it's just that i heard on one of the last episodes of the conversation with amanda de cadanet. i think it was the editor that harper's bazaar that suggested one start at the top rather than the bottom (don't quote me on the quotee, i can't remember for sure)

the idea seems a bit extravagent to me. i've always been very ok with the idea of working my way up. in fact i look forward to it because i want to learn everything i can about the art museum world. but then someone i know (know "of" i should say) went and just opened a pop up gallery. and then after awhile, it wasn't a pop up gallery anymore because she stayed there. and all i could think was "huh?" how is this woman the same age as me and yet she has opened and (seemingly?) prospered with her own gallery? i don't seem to be finding the right job in my field so one has to wonder why i don't just...create the job i want...

because i'm scared obviously. i like stable things, and although i like being responsible and in charge...i don't know if i'd want to be that responsible and that in charge!

have any of you "started at the top?" did you get a lucky break? did you just tell someone that you were the right person for a job that was technically above you? or like me...are you content with working your way up and into a career?

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