snail mail | birds, christmas & intimidation

for the november correspondance club, hosted by the beautiful nnenna of star-crossed smile, the theme was "thankful for the little things." i wrote to my partner emily of if it's the beaches that i had certainly been greatful for the smaller things life has to offer me because lately the bigger things are going my way. and i suspect emily will tell me about the tragedy of hurricane sandy, because she lives near long island. to give her hope, i clipped and pasted these beautiful birds onto her envelope.

i also put together a very holiday themed envelope for riley of cosmopostalan. i'm so in love with my new washi tapes!!

finally, i received this card from my old university roommate who is currently living in england. needless to say, it cracked me up! it seems people are always intimidated when sending me cards or mail. i'm so glad to hear i inadvertently make other's try harder!

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  1. So. Pumped! :)
    Love that tape, by the way! :D


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