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i apologize for not posting this on monday. it's been the busiest week ever! (well, for me anyways, i can't speak for you...). last weekend was awesome. on the thursday and friday before my birthday i received all sorts of fun goodies in the mail. the most unique can be seen below.

m.a. tateishi sent me a block of beeswax for when i'm ready to take on encaustic painting. she's the funniest person i know and i thoroughly enjoyed the note she included which compared sending me a packing to sending baked goods to martha stewart...or something like that! next monday i'll show you another piece of mail by someone who feels the same way.
anyways, thanks so so much mat!!

can you believe this?? my mother in law made me an altered book for my birthday! it's such a unique and thoughtful gift. and the pages even have themes, some of which celebrate my marriage and my wonderful husband :) i can't believe the work that went into this and i'm loving every bit of it.


  1. wow, Trixy has awesome talent! it's so you.

  2. Ha, I didn't even know it was your birthday, so I'm obviously psychic. But as I was wrapping it up, I remembered all the gorgeous letters you show on the blog, so I panicked and started adding stickers and cutting with pinking shears like some hyper six-year-old girl. Sometimes it's tough to believe I'm artistic.

    But, the main thing is that it made you happy!

  3. Anonymous18.11.12

    like like like mmm


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