art vs art | robert mullenix vs. jill saur

today i want to welcome kurt from ugallery to the isavirtue blog. i just love discovering new and safe places to buy art online. they offer prints as well so it's definitely something you should consider when shopping for holiday gifts! and if you're wondering who my favourite is below? well, jill saur's trees bring me back to days at the cottage, and writing secret birch bark messages to my crush...

hey isavirtue readers. my name is kurt yalcin and i’m the community manager at ugallery.com, a curated online art gallery. i’ve been practicing my lowercase writing ever since meeting kaitlyn and i think i’m ready (it definitely requires a lot of patience). speaking of patience, kaitlyn has been so kind to the ugallery team and it’s a pleasure contributing to isavirtue.

the art i picked for this week’s art vs art comes from ugallery. in honor of autumn, i chose two artists that find inspiration from the forest. robert mullenix creates his scenes from photographs as an ironic comment on painting nature from a distance. his fascination with a tree’s beauty comes from his childhood on the tree-less plains of central illinois. jill saur, on the other hand, paints the trees standing in her backyard. perhaps it is the different vantage points of these two artists that creates the variance. regardless, both artists have a natural ability to capture the true essence of the tree.

which forest would you rather hike in?

robert mullenix


  1. Anonymous26.9.12

    thanks so much for the opportunity to share two awesome ugallery artists with your readers. it was a pleasure writing this art vs art :)

  2. I love Robert Mullenix's paintings. While I love the trees in Jill Saur's, I don't love the colors as much. I LOVE trees so much I even wrote a blog post about it! (http://alonewithmytea.blogspot.com/2012/03/i-love-to-look-at-trees.html)

  3. I am in love with the lush quality of Robert Mullenix's work. Yes, I want to hike AND get lost in those forests! Good to see you here, Kurt, great post!

    PS-- the lowercase thing definitely takes some getting used to, 'specially when you're old school like me!

  4. Jill Saur..Her first painting with the rocks reminds me of our backyard in the Catskills Mountains..


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