art vs. art | meghan hildebrand vs. paul jorgensen

i've loved meghan hildebrand's art for ahile now. i even featured her in the lowercase gallery! i've really enjoyed watching her style evolve over the years. the images below represent her older style - but i couldn't help but notice how similar it is to the work of paul jorgensen. both artists have a tendency to stack buildings one upon the other in a very hap hazard manner. and both have an excellent sense of colour.

both sets of work are whimsical, but while jorgensen's images suggest a carefree feeling of bright summer days, hildebrand's work maintains a sense of menace and confusion. jorgensen's cities make more sense when comparing them directly to reality, but i must admit i'm more partial to meghan's total lack of regard for perspective, scale and organization. chaos wins!

which do you prefer and why?

meghan hildebrand


paul jorgensen


  1. I like the work of Meghan Hildebrand more. I love the colors she uses.

  2. uhm I like em both. Megan Hildebrand is sort of dream like which I like very much but then I also like the bold colours of Paul Jorgensen.

  3. Love the jorgensens

  4. Love the jorgensens


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