art to inspiration | lani trock

for this months art to inspiration points, we are taking inspiration from photographer lani trock's "hello blue moon." this beautiful and serene night sky got me thinking about others i've seen. and so, without further ado, below are some of my favourite art historial night time vistas.

feature piece:
title : hello blue moon
name of artist : lani trock

starlight night by georgia o'keefe image via

exiles of a shattered star by kelly richardson image via watch the video!!!

roy gonzalez tabora waikiki night image via

vincent van gogh starry night image via


  1. Love your take on Blue Moon! I've never seen that O'Keeffe before-- totally in love!

  2. starry night - my first favourite painting! it's been kicked to the curb in favour of girl with a pearl earring. love the first and third pieces

  3. I gave you some link love! I shared you as one of my favorite blogs that I read for artistic inspiration. Check it out! http://alonewithmytea.blogspot.com/2012/09/art-day-friday-day-late.html

  4. i adore van gogh's art!

  5. the kelly richardson one reminds me of The Invasion....


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