snail mail | silkscreened roses & sudden surprises

this weekend i attended an open information session on silkscreen printing. it was kind of perfect because it was a lot of explanation and then at the end we all gave it a go. the ted harrison prints i sell are silk screen, though they are referred to as serigraphs. it was really enlightening and exciting to see all of the work that went into them. the magenta rose image below is the screen we used and the prints we made. i adhered it to some card stock and folded it into these beautiful envelopes. inside, i included a little uplifting note for some of my friends!

this week i came home to a very random but awesome surprise! inside a little package from hong kong was a beautiful pair of hummingbird earrings! i have absolutely no idea who sent them to me. if it was you - tell me because i am dying to know!!! oh and thank-you :)

a lovely letter from my friend - she sent it only a few days before she went into surprise labour a month early!

a wicked envelope full of gifts from my friend holly in the yukon (she's a roller derbiest - hence the wicked sticker!)


  1. Anonymous10.9.12

    love mmm

  2. I want to take a silkscreen class, sounds so fun. The envelopes you made are beautiful!

  3. Has my letter arrived?
    The mail system is a little slow on this end--but I sent it about a month ago!
    Let me know!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  4. Eeeeee I am so excited for my silk screen mail surprise!! I could use some uplifting!!

  5. the silkscreen class sounds so fun! and what cute earrings!


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