art vs. art | length x wit compares marco suarez vs. monika traikov

liza oldham is the queen of cool finds. seriously - honestly wtf is cool - but liza at length x wit is even better! we both appreciate unique art pieces and liza is often drawn to very sculptural type goodies. she's put together an amazing art vs. art post for you today (and you know that it's my favourite feature and i wouldn't just trust it to any old blogger!)

hello! i'm liza of length x wit. when kaitlyn proposed a post swap a couple weeks ago, i jumped at the chance. isavirtue is one of my favorite places to visit to get my art fix. from slide school to q & art, kaitlyn's posts always make me stop and think a little deeper beyond my initial impressions about whatever it is she's found. i'm so excited to take part in her art vs. art series and share with these two artists with you today. enjoy!

marco suarez and monika traikov both play with landscape and geometry, but with vastly different results. suarez encases his photographs within a circle, making each scene seem like a look through a spyglass. there's a sense of mystery and yearning to each of these vistas, and their shape only adds to the romance. traikov puts geometric shapes directly into photographs and uses them as a means of distortion. rocky shores are flipped, towers melt, and cities are turned on their side. looking at these two side-by-side reminds me of the difference between fantasy and science fiction - similar fictive elements, but divergent worlds.


  1. great pictures!

  2. I love this post !
    The first 4 are my favorites ^^
    Thank you for sharing and oh before I forget, you've been nominated for the Liebster Award :)


    xxx Mri

  3. I completely agree with what you've said about Suarez's work - I certainly do feel the yearning, and I totally get the spyglass angle. They're all wonderful images though, I prefer Suarez over traikov.

    I love these posts, they're so informative and I honestly feel more in touch with the art world when I read them.

  4. Fantastic art vs. art! It is always so hard to choose.. but I think I prefer Suarez's work. Although Traikov's work is interesting, there is something so mystical about the atmosphere in Suarez's photography. Guess I'm more of a fantasy-romantic than a sci-fi girl at heart!

  5. Thanks for having me, Kaitlyn!

    Kim and Artsy Forager, I prefer Suarez's work as well. I think I can look more closely at those landscapes and get lost in them over Traikov's pieces. I try to puzzle Traikov's works out, figure out how each one was spliced together and altered. While that's undoubtedly intriguing, I think I will always go for the meditative experience in the end. :)


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