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i'm delighted to introduce katie - a girl who's last name flows a heck of a lot better in this friday feature than my own! i love katie's blog, lemon jitters. it's the perfect place to go for crafting inspiration...plus she's a bit of a perfectionist like me.

hey isavirtue readers! i'm glad to be visiting today while kaitlyn is away (did anyone else catch that rhyme?).

i recently ordered some really fun scrapbooking paper. i'm not actually a scrapbooker, so i have to think of other ways to use this pretty paper. i am always adding bright office supplies to my desk because i work in a dull office. the windows in my office (which i share with three other people) are so high you can only see the sky. so i am forced to brighten the office with my office supply addiction, which is fine by me. :) all of that to say - i decided to make some mini-bins for my desk.

i used kraft cardstock to make the bases and then covered them in pretty paper. i added a bit of washi tape to one and trimmed the edges of the other in coordinating paper. ta-da! office brightened.

here's a close up of the paper. i actually branched out using this paper because it is not my usual style. what do you guys think?

thanks for letting me visit, kaitlyn! if anyone wants to say hi, you can find me on my blog, twitter or instagram!


  1. great boxes :)

  2. Anonymous27.7.12

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  3. Those look so cool! Can't wait to try to make them. :)


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