snail mail | secret packages and pretty papers

i've been a busy little snail mailer these days! i've received and sent some adorable letters and postcards. one in particular is my recent piece de resistance but i'll have to share that for another week because i don't want the recipient to see it before it arrives! (but follow me on instagram - username isavirtue - for a sneak peek!) below is a package i sent to artsy forager - here's a hint of what's inside!
below that is an envelope* i made using some beautiful paper i bought at a local store called emporia boutique. inside is the tiniest envelope and card ever made by a local artist.

* did anyone notice the franklin stamps??


  1. You are the queen of packaging. This serves as a good reminder to me because I've been snail mail slack lately!

  2. Catching up on my blog reading and just saw this!! haha.. I love the little paper tinkling your mobile makes when the wind blows through the kitchen window. ;-)


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