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so for the last two weeks i tried to avoid taking the car certain places. i didn't do very well at all. mostly because i didn't have a solid reason that i believe doing so would be a bad thing. a number of people asked me why i was avoiding that and almost immediately couldn't defend why i was doing it. i was like "uh...the environment? my health?" the second week was pretty good - i did a lot of biking and a bit of bus taking. but the first week, my father in law was in town and we went out for like three or four meals together and so we had to drive there - it just couldn't work any other way.

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for the next two weeks i am NOT going to read the etsy forums. the etsy forums art a place where hope goes to die. and when there are nice threads that say things like "i made my first sale!" or "a customer gave me really sweet feedback today!" i'm all like "boooooring!" and i go looking for threads that say things like "boy am i steamed!" or "etsy what the bleep is wrong with you!?" cause those are interesting. but mostly in the end i feel kind of confused and depressed and hopeless.

so i'm just going to concentrate on my little piece of etsy real estate - my shop. i'm going to make new products, move things around and reassess it the best i can. i'll plug my ears and just do my own thing for two weeks!

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