art | bianca green

i can't believe it's wednesday! i feel like the weeks are just flying by - which is strange because there isn't much happening in my life right now. and so if anything, time should be crawling on like a turtle. maybe it's the excitement of summer arriving. jon and i have started eating dinner on the balcony together and going for walks up mount tolmie next to our condo. these are things that are best done in warm weather.

you know what you can do in any weather? enjoy art! today i would like to share with you these works by bianca green. i just love how she takes different sections of an image and fills it in with various textures and colours. it really adds an energy to each piece. i also included two images of woman because they remind me of these photographs and these ladythings - which i've always loved.


  1. These are beautiful, she definitely has an eye for combining different patterns, I think it can be quite difficult. Amazing artwork!


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