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of course i had a different type of musings post planned for today. but sometimes other things come up that need to be addressed. isn't that the way life is? i should probably wait a bit before i post about this - let the dust settle if you will. but if i do that then i won't write about it and kristy says i need to be more personal and forthcoming on my blog.

on sunday, i found out that i would essentially be losing both of my jobs. not right away of course, but new things are afoot for both of the galleries i work at and it seems i might be lost in the waves of change. i can honestly say that the conclusion of this part of my life is through no fault of my own. if anything, for the past six months i have been delighted with my work, my schedule and where my career was headed.* but that's the arts industry for you - while always inspiring, it's never as stable as you would like it to be.

in addition, we just found out that our rent is going to be increased considerably. to add to the confusion and uncertainty, it seems inevitable that we will have to move. it feels to me like everything is falling to pieces all at once and i have no idea how to stay in control.

lots of decisions need to be made - perhaps this is the time to move away from our beloved island and back to where our families live. but that option comes with its own expenses and downsides of course. trying to find a job, in this market, in this location, in the industry i desire seems literally impossible and i'm feeling so lost and hopeless right now.

here's hoping i can find the energy to turn things around and redirect my life to a point where i feel happy and balanced once more.

* nowheresville apparently.


  1. I hope everything falls into place for you. It's always hard to have to leave work that you love.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that. I hope everything falls into place and you figure things out! Good luck xxx

  3. It isn't as bad as we sometimes think it is. Just keep going. When there's nothing left to do, keep going. :) You will be ok, it will all be ok.

    I'm here for you!

  4. Aw Kaitlyn, I know what it's like, I work in a similarly unstable industry. All I can say (and this probably is of little use now, but one day it will help) is that everything will work out. This could be the push you need to do something amazing you never thought you would do!!

  5. Hoping for all the best for you and your future.

  6. Anonymous6.4.12

    Just catching up on blogs this morning and read your post. I am so sorry, having been there, and through similar major life changes in the past year, I know what you must be feeling. Our industry is a tough, constantly changing world and if we're lucky enough to land a job in it, we want to hang on for dear life! You have such a passion for the industry, I believe this will be a positive change for you! Hoping for the best of all possible outcomes for you!

  7. this is sucky, i'm sorry to hear this!


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