snail mail | script envelopes and vintage postage

i made these script style envelopes awhile ago but i haven't used all of them yet. i was just really excited to use my vintage canadian postage from send more mail - but i wanted the envelopes i put them on to be pretty and special. do you like them? my closest (in my heart) but farthest (in distance) friends can probably expect one of these in the near future. i just love sending something good!

speaking of that - i would like to send you something good too! i made an extra journal (see last image) and want to send it to one of you. click follow on the sidebar (if you don't already and leave one comment on this post telling me your favourite piece from the something good line. and don't forget to check back on thursday for the big blogger postal party reveal!

win me!


  1. those teals are so pretty!

  2. I am kind of crazy about postage and packaging. These are amazing.
    :) Have a lovely week!

  3. I like the black moleskin journal.

  4. I love the wrapping paper! I received mail from a friend the other day and the lady at the post office was as excited as me to see someone had put so much thought into decorating the envelope.

  5. the pink envelopes cos they go with my uhm eyes!!!!

  6. Gorgeous blog you have!! I'd love to win the white journal! It's my favourite from your shop :)

  7. So kind of you to offer a giveaway! In particular, I love the "something good" wrapping paper because it would make unwrapping a present that much more exciting! :)


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