sunday sins | fast food

before i discuss the topic at hand - i need your help! on my original sin* list - i chose meat as one of the vices i should give up cold turkey** for two weeks. the reason i chose it was because it seems more admirable to be vegetarian and all of the politics surrounding food consciousness. but the truth is, i don't eat that much meat. it's actually quite unhealthy the things i substitute for meat and so if anything - i really need to eat more (happy meat anyways, as kristy would say).

so what should i give up instead?? ideas? the original list is here to avoid repeats.

for the past two weeks i tried to give up chocolate. hold now, don't jump to conclusions! i'd say i did quite well considering...(considering: i LOVE chocolate). i avoided eating chocolate about 70% of the days. and much of that consisted of chocolate chips in my chewy granola bar. although i must admit - it didn't help that christina sent me a care package from germany filled with chocolate! (more about that on an upcoming snail mail monday). this was a hard one - no doubt about it!! what do you replace chocolate with when that is what you are craving?

burgers and fries. steven magsig. oil on canvas. via

for the next two weeks i am giving up fast food. this includes the ones that aren't greasy and traditionally "bad for you"*** like subway and tim hortons and greek pitas. i'm hoping for an ace on this one and we just went grocery shopping last night so there's no reason for me to eat outside the house for the next two weeks!

* a little biblical humour anyone?
** haha - the irony!
*** you know what isn't bad for you? in fact - it's something good...


  1. wow, a lot of willpower! i give up dairy sometimes? but only to protect my throat! xx

  2. good job sister! you can do it! I haven't eaten fast food in years! (except once when i tried to eat McDonalds. Yeah. that came right back up. Gross)...

    I like the dairy idea too.

    Or what about giving up using the car in any way, shape, or form. And make a commitment to walk if it's within 30 minute walk from you? In essence, avoid transit if possible.


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