what i made | kraft moleskines

pre p.s. i'm over at artsy forager today doing a guest post on the current gallery exhibition. if you wanna hear a funny story, click here to visit lesley.

i'm so heartbroken because my journal supplier closed down a couple weeks ago and now i can no longer get white journals! (there's four left in the shoppe so grab 'em while you can!) they are impossible to find elsewhere so i'm back to basics with this kraft colour. luckily a local store who sells my stationery - the papery, gave me a sweet one time deal on moleskine journals and i took advantage!

the terrible white balance is hurting my eyes!


  1. That sucks!! I always wonder where your notebooks come from because they are pretty much impossible to find! I hope you find a new supplier soon. Kx

  2. These are so lovely! Sorry to hear about the white journals, though.


  3. the heart one is my favourite.

    Really do hope you will find a new supplier :(

  4. love them! i have an unhealthly obsession of journals. i'd buy millions and then they are left sitting in the shelf unused for so long haha.

    hope you can find another supplier!

    xo katrina


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