mail art contest | winners!

thursday used to be my favourite day of the week. most people enjoy fridays because it's the start of the weekend but i've always preferred 'anticipation' over 'actual' so thursday was the best day. now, because of my work schedule, monday is my favourite day of the week (my weekend falls in the middle of the week technically). today's kind of a bummer because i found out yesterday that i owe an astronomical amount of money in taxes. moral of the story is - don't work so hard.

however, i am super excited to announce the winners of the february mail art contest! it must be said that the first place winner won by a serious landslide and there's no doubt that she deserves it because her piece was incredible!!

and the winners are...
first place | kate jones

second place | heather macdonald

third place | donaville herrick

(and an honourable mention to number two, cindy mcmath who was very close to third place:)

email me about your prizes - patience[at]isavirtue.net


  1. Yay, congrats to the winners! Can't wait for the next mail art contest :)

  2. Anonymous8.3.12

    ooh... wow, thank you so much for the lovely comments, and thanks to everyone who voted! It was a fun contest. I love the way you displayed all the entries, by the way, with coordinating splotches of colour... very cool :)


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