art | agnes-cecile

these aqueous images by agnes-cecile are futuristic, edgy and also, they scare me. granted, i can't even watch dawn of the dead and prefer to leave the lights on while i fall asleep - but they're pretty creepy right? in some areas the paint moves organically, in others it forms into a chrysalis and yet there are runs and splatters that hint at on-purpose-accidents... (my favourite kind!)

post script: be sure to stop by an awesome new site that i'm contributing to. launched by the dedicated and effervescent donaville herrick - dearest nature


  1. They are really creepy. Lovely colours :)

  2. I am a sucker for watercolours. Started doing them myself now but I still need a long way to go. Thanks for giving me more inspiration :)

  3. I love them! So mysterious. I too am an artist and this is art at it's finest! Teach me!


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