sunday sins | diet pepsi

well! for the last two weeks i gave up pushing away my husband's affections (that sounds horrible every time i write it - read the original post here). i'm pleased to say it's one of the best things i've ever given up! no matter what i was doing or how i was feeling, when he came to hug me/squeeze me/playfully harass me, i sat there and took it all in. even when i was internetting*. even when i was boiling hot. even when i was late for work! 

how did i do it you wonder? well it's pretty morbid but i'll tell you anyway - i asked myself "what if he wasn't here? what if he died in some horrible accident?" because goodness knows then i wouldn't care that he tried to hug me during the good part of the tv show. if that was the case, i would probably do anything to have him come back and squeeze me tight, outside, in the sun, during the hottest day of the year!

unfortunately it still doesn't come unconsciously. i have to remind myself to just stop and enjoy it - although admittedly, last night when we were putting the groceries away - he stopped me eight times to "enjoy" it. holy cow, the ice cream almost melted while it waited for us to hug for the bajillionth** time.


while we were in the grocery store last night, we had one last thing to get - diet pepsi. we pretty much have a poly-amorous relationship with diet pepsi. which, from what i understand - is dangerous. hyper-active thyroid anyone? but it has no sugar! how can it be bad for me?? well at the rate i drink diet pepsi...

but i got distracted by a sneezing fit and stepped outside for a moment. while i did, jon got distracted by (nothing???) and lined up with the groceries. so we both just kind of forgot and i'm taking it as a sign to give it up cold turkey for the next two weeks (also includes coke zero...my mistress).

*breaking news! my computer has just informed me that "internetting" is not a word. so what else is new?

** turns out...also not a word.


  1. I laughed my way through this. Luckily for me, my parents wouldn't let me drink fizzy drinks when I was little and I've never developed a taste for them, but I HAVE made more of an effort to close my laptop and pay attention to my boyfriend these past two weeks, as inspired by you. :)

  2. I LOVE Danny Brito's art! <3

  3. I love how boys get distracted by nothing :)

  4. OUr husbands must have the same affection gene. Seriously need to practice your hug/affection toleration techniques!!

    Have you tried le croix drinks? I love them! Just fizzy flavored water, but might be just the placebo you need to quit the other stuff!

  5. haha, thanks for the laugh nat!


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