snail mail | kristy g

i was so delighted to receive a finished mail art challenge in my mail box on friday afternoon - from my best friend! of course she's a total gomer and hid her beautiful collage work inside a white bubble envelope! i just love the way she used all the pieces of paper in such creative ways. she pasted on some hilarious lines about humpty dumpty from a music sheet, and cut out a pair of legs from a moo postcard, giving the piece a very emo wicked witch type feeling!


  1. i'm so glad you got it! i forgot to take pictures myself - yay!!

    PS. have you read the yellow wallpaper? The first side is supposed to be emblematic (is that a word?) of that; whereas emo fun side is meant to be a solution for the yellow wallpaper. Yes, I make everything political ;) Yay!! i'm so happy!

  2. pps. you're a gomer!

  3. Oh wauw! That is great :D

    xx, Mri


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